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TCBC Club Policies


Responsible Service of Alcohol
Tamworth City Bowling Club management and staff have a responsibility to members and their guests to ensure that the club follows and complies with the Liquor Act.
This deals with selling alcohol to persons under the age of 18 and to intoxicated persons. All employees are responsible for ensuring that this policy is followed at all times.

In the interest of our members and their guests and also the surrounding community, Tamworth City Bowling Club policy is:

not to serve alcohol to persons under the age of 18
not to serve intoxicated persons
not to serve people that are behaving in a disorderly manner
not to host promotions that encourage excessive drinking
Responsible service of alcohol is important for legal and health reasons. Intoxication can lead to things like being irresponsible, drink driving, violence and sexual abuse.

During a function, dry tills will only be increased with permission by management.


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Responsible Conduct of Gaming

The Gambling Legislation Amendment (Responsible Gambling) Act 1999 and other regulations aim to ensure that registered clubs and hotels adopt responsible practices for gambling activities conducted on their premises.

Tamworth City Bowling Club is committed to the principles of Responsible Conduct of Gaming.


Responsible Gambling
82% of adult Australians gamble and nearly all of these are able to do so without experiencing problems.  People dream of winning, hope to beat the odds or see gambling as a relaxing or exciting recreational activity.  To gamble responsibly, it is necessary to have a realistic view of gambling and set limits on how much time and money to spend on gambling.  Tamworth City Bowling Club is commitment to the promotion of responsible gambling.

The Club’s Responsible Gambling Mission Statement
To deliver gambling services in a lawful and responsible manner, having regard to the potential for harm and community concerns about the conduct of gambling.


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Responsible promotion
The club does not conduct irresponsible promotions or try to get patrons to gamble more than they can afford.  Risky gambling behaviours are discouraged.

You can gain more information on the Responsible Conduct of Gambling from the following links:
The Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing,
Clubs NSW,


Club Policies
Tamworth City Bowling Club is a Family Club, we encourage all involved at TCBC to bring their families along to the club. Our club expects all Members to behave in a responsible, mature and appropriate manner. Offensive or aggressive behaviour is not acceptable, loud or abusive language and swearing will not be tolerated.

Racial and Religious Vilification along with Theft from the TCBC or from Individuals will not be tolerated by the TCBC. Any person found to have vilified another person or found to have stolen any item will need to front the TCBC Board. Bullying or any type of discrimination is not acceptable behaviour in today’s communities, any person found to have bullied or discriminated against, they will also have to meet with the TCBC Board.

Children are permitted to enter club premises but only when in the company of a Parent / Guardian. Children are not to have access to the Gaming Room. Children are not permitted to consume alcohol. Children are the responsibility of their Parent / Guardian at all times. Children under the age of 18 that are not partaking of a meal or at a function are required to leave the premises by 9.30pm nightly. Children are not permitted to purchase items at the bar or any raffle.


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Disciplinary Policies
The Board of Directors of Tamworth City Bowling Club has introduced a Disciplinary Policy for members & guests who behave in an inappropriate manner whilst on club premises in accordance with our Constitution.


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